From luxury suites to cable vision

Our daycare and lodging facility includes four indoor playrooms with many home-like touches.
Dogs are also exercised in one of our three supervised outdoor play yards.

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Our dog lodging accommodations includes many home-like touches. We are now proud to also offer Luxury Suites, making your pet’s stay even more comfortable and relaxing. Dogs are also exercised under the caring attention of one of our staff in one of our three outdoor play yards.

Luxury Suite Cameras


Our Cat Room is a relaxing, peaceful and quiet room with spacious condos! Each cat is provided with time to explore individually and play outside the condo.

Lodging Hours

One of our caring staff members is here seven days a week beyond regular Lodging Hours from approximately 6am–8pm taking care of your precious pet.

Monday – Friday
  • Pick up and drop off between 7:30am–5:30pm
  • Pick up between 9:00am–5:00pm
  • Drop off between 9:00am–2:00pm
Sunday: Pick Up Only
  • Pick up between  9:00am–9:30am
  • Pick up between 5:30pm–6:00pm

Lodging Rates

What sets us apart from the pack is, all rates below include pickup times available until the end of your pet’s last day with us, at no extra charge.


Traditional Lodging

  • $44 per night for first dog
  • $34 per night for second dog IF they are small enough to both be comfortable


Leave-Out Room and Luxury Suites

  • $55 per night for first dog
  • $45 per night for second dog
  • $35 per night per dog for each additional dog

Example: $55 for first dog, $45 for second dog, $35 for third dog, $35 for fourth dog = $170 total for four dogs per night


Cat Tower Suites

  • $22 per night for first cat
  • $20 per night per cat for each additional cat

Additional Details

  • For holiday stays, we ask a three night minimum to best accommodate your time away and your pets’ stay with us.
  • Although dry food and bedding (and lots of love) are always included in our lodging rates, we encourage you to bring your companion’s current diet and bedding from home to make their stay more comfortable.

* All rates and hours are subject to change without notice.