From luxury suites to cable vision

Our daycare and lodging facility includes four indoor playrooms with many home-like touches.

Dogs are also exercised in one of our three supervised outdoor play yards.

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Our dog lodging accommodations includes many home-like touches. We are now proud to also offer Luxury Suites, making your pet’s stay even more comfortable and relaxing. Dogs are also exercised under the caring attention of one of our staff in one of our three outdoor play yards.


Our Cat Room is a relaxing, peaceful and quiet room with spacious condos! Each cat is provided with time to explore individually and play outside the condo.

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Lodging Hours

One of our caring staff members is here seven days a week beyond regular Lodging Hours from approximately 6am–8pm taking care of your precious pet.

Monday – Friday– Pick up and drop off between 7:30am–5:30pm
Saturday– Pick up between 9:00am–5:00pm
– Drop off between 9:00am–2:00pm
Sunday: Pick Up Only– Pick up between  9:00am–9:30am
– Pick up between 5:30pm–6:00pm

Lodging Rates*

What sets us apart from the pack is that all rates below include pickup times available until the end of your pet’s last day with us, at no extra charge.

DOGSTraditional Lodging*
– $45 per night for first dog

Small dogs only, not available for multiple pet sharing.
DOGSPen Area*
– $50 per night for first dog
– $40 per night for second dog
– $30 per night per dog for each additional dog

Example: $50 for first dog, $40 for second dog, $30 for third dog, $30 for fourth dog = $150 total for four dogs per night.
DOGSLuxury Suites*
– $60 per night for first dog
– $50 per night for second dog
– $40 per night per dog for each additional dog

Example: $60 for first dog, $50 for second dog, $40 for third dog, $40 for fourth dog = $190 total for four dogs per night.
CATSCat Tower Suites*
– $25 per night for first cat
– $15 per night per second cat
– $15 per night per third cat
– Maximum three cats per condo

Example: $25 for first cat, $15 for second cat and $15 for third cat = $55 total for three cats per night.

Boarding Policies

In order to best serve your pet(s), please check our updated Boarding Policies prior to your next Boarding visit as our requirements and allowed items have changed. 

We care that your pet feels as at home as possible during any boarding stay, and understand that for some pets, having their own belongings that remind them of home is crucial to their comfort, therefore we will continue to allow personal items for Boarding stays, however we do find it necessary to limit the number of personal items as well as update our food storage requirements in order to keep our team as safe as possible.

All check-in forms must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to scheduled drop off. 

  • For multi-pet discounts, the pets must be occupying the same space for eligibility. Some spaces may not be appropriate for multiple pets, depending on size and temperament. Pets sharing a single space must be able to be trusted together without supervision overnight.
  • For multi-cat families, if your cats cannot share food and/or litter boxes with each other, booking of separate condos is required. 
  • Pet Spas & Suites has a 72-hour cancellation policy for all boarding stays. Late cancellations and no-shows are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the originally scheduled boarding stay total price. 
  • A 3-day minimum for all holiday boarding reservations is required. Pet Spas & Suites recognizes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  There are no boarding drop offs or pickups on holidays.
  • A valid and current credit card on file is required for all reservations.

Food Storage

  • Dry foods must be in disposable bags and packaged PER MEAL and PER PET.
  • Canned foods must be UNOPENED and sealed at drop off.
  • Refrigerated and frozen foods must be packaged PER MEAL and PER PET in either disposable bags OR in sealed plastic containers.
  • It is advised to send two full days worth of extra meals with your pet(s) for their stay. 

Personal Items

When selecting personal items to bring from home, remember that your pet will not be directly supervised overnight, so all items should be determined safe by owners for unsupervised use. 

Limit of personal items allowed per pet: 

  • Two bedding items (includes beds, blankets and human clothing items).
    • Bedding items such as large beds without removable covers and bulky comforters may not fit in our washing machine. Items too large for our washing machine will be spot cleaned as needed. 
  • Two toys (includes non-consumable chew items).

Provided Items from Pet Spas & Suites

During your pet’s stay at Pet Spas & Suites, we will provide your pet:

  • One large fleece bolstered pet bed
  • If you choose not to bring personal items, one cozy fleece blanket will be supplied as bedding per pet. Destruction of Pet Spas & Suites provided beds and blankets are subject to a replacement fee equal to the cost of the item(s). 
    • If your dog has known or potential chewing habits, to avoid a replacement fee or potential hazard of ingestion, we advise bringing your own items that you have deemed safe for your pet(s) individual needs.
  • Unless your pet is very particular about what bowls they drink and eat from, we ask that you refrain from bringing personal food bowls. We will provide clean bowls in a variety of depths to accommodate each pet’s needs. The pen areas are already equipped with bowl holders that are made specifically to fit our food bowls.

* All rates and hours are subject to change without notice.